Training and supporting staff who use SharePoint is just one of your many responsibilities.

Training users takes a lot of time.

Most SharePoint information you find online is aimed at IT, not end users.

In-house training documentation for SharePoint will be out of date the moment you complete it.

Users don’t retain enough information from multiday training sessions.

Maybe you’ve organized SharePoint training for different departments and interest levels, but attendees are still not satisfied and the training isn’t increasing efficiency.

Users might feel confident during training, but they keep coming back, asking the same questions.

Hunting down information or video instructions on how to complete a SharePoint task is time-consuming and tedious for an admin, let alone end users.

People find it hard to concentrate when watching long training videos.

Freelancing and remote work are major employment trends, but companies struggle to adequately train these workers.

All new hires should get the basic training as soon as possible so they can start collaborating.

Your users should not learn all about SharePoint all at once.

There is too much to learn!

Training content should be relevant and personalized for your audience.

You need to be able to resolve problems and transfer knowledge without getting up from your desk.

Trainees learn best with content in various formats.

The best method is to use short, action-based lessons with a single learning objective.

Our easy-to-use, lightweight web app is the answer: It requires no installation or configuration, it does not store sensitive data, and it is transparent, with predictable costs.

Word documents
HTML pages
Email instructions

You can start training staff immediately but still save hundreds of hours!

Make your power users and site owners enthusiastic teachers and SharePoint ambassadors.

Create educational content and share download links in minutes.

Your power users and site owners will have a fast, straightforward and reliable tool for teaching other less experienced users.

If you are missing a topic, let us know at

Make user adoption a journey, not a one-time event.

  • When new people join your organization, arrange the appropriate level of training as soon as they get their SharePoint account.
  • Train, engage, and motivate remote workers.
  • Regularly engage end users by sending them bite-sized training content.
  • Get users excited by adding a social component to their training and give them the ability to teach others by sharing links and resources.
  • Create lessons that are appropriate for users' attention spans.
  • Create shared URLs so people can share the information and start a discussion.
  • Customize training material for each role in your company to avoid information overload.
  • Organize focused training sessions using written materials you can print or send by email and reinforce the training with videos.

Teach your entire company SharePoint for just $1/user/month

... or $10/user/year with a minimum of 50 users.


  • Embed any of the 250-plus videos in your SharePoint system.
  • Create HTML pages with step-by-step instructions that you can make available on your intranet.
  • Create step-by-step Word documents that you can download, print, and store.
  • Share Word documents with anyone in your company.
  • Send step-by-step instructions by email to anyone in your company.

1,000+ users?

If you have more than 1,000 SharePoint users, contact our sales department for a quote request.

Want to host videos on your own?

If you want to be able to download the videos and host them on your own, you can do so for the one-time cost of $9,999. Contact our sales department for a quote request.